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Bali opening again for foreigners with offshore visa

Bali opening again for foreigners with offshore visa

Bali now open again for foreigners who apply for an online visa offshore application. Finally,

after the suspension three months ago at the end of 2020. Indonesia accept foreigners

to enter the territory again if they apply online offshore visa whilst being abroad.

Bali now open again with offshore visa


Online OFFSHORE application is re-open according to PERMENKUMHAM number 26 year 2020.  It is possible now to apply for a visa by the online visa application system.  You can enter the Indonesian territory, if you have a legal visa, which is still valid.

Holders of the following visas can enter:

1. Official visa.

2. Diplomatic visa.

3. Visitor visa.

4. Temporary Stay visa.

5. Official Stay Permit.

6. Diplomatic Stay Permit.

7. Temporary Stay Permit.

8. Permanent Stay Permit.

9. Crew member arriving by their transports.

10. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card.

11. Traditional Border Crossing Pass/Card.

12. A schema bilateral agreement Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA).

The e-Visa for business purpose (B211A) is valid for 90 days with gives you a stay permit for 60 days and is extendable maximum o4 times.

Each extension being for an extra 30 days. You can apply your Bali Visa Offshore more specific your evisaB211A .This visa does not allow you to work.

Bali Visa Offshore Online open 

Source Jasa Eka

Bali now open again





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