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Two foreigners killed themselves in Bali

Two foreigners killed themselves in Bali

Japanese guide commit suicide  by hanging himself in the Diva Lestari Guest House in Denpasar on Monday afternoon 05/04/2021. The Japanese citizen Nobuaki Takahashi (53) was allegedly depressed  and out of work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. He was found dead in front his bathroom  by Lin Wayan Diana, in the Diva Lestari Guest House in Denpasar where he lived since November 27, 2019

Teguh Budi Santoso recently visit the victim and to check his condition. He asked whether he had eaten or not and the victim said that he could not think and did not want to eat. Teguh provided some milk, bread and fruit and returned to check if he eaten the food but dint get answer when he called the victim.Teguh opened the door and saw the victim hanging inside his room. Japanese guide commit suicide in Bali

Nobuaki Takahashi ended  his life by hanging himself, allegedly suffering from headache caused by  depression witch have not been cured. On Monday night  05/04/2021 at 7:00 p.m.  the victim's body was transported to Sanglah denpasar hospital .

South African found dead in Canggu

Hutton Gavil Walter (31), a man from South Africa hanged himself  at the Canggu on Wednesday (07/44/2021). His body was first discovered by a friend of the victim who lived in the room next door according Police Chief, Commissioner Marzel Doni. He explained that initially the victim's friend who was also a resident of South Africa intended to say goodbye to the beach for a photo shoot. But when he knocked on the victim's room door, there was no answer. His friend then opened the door to the room and was surprised to find the victim was standing stiffly with his neck entangled in a scarf.  The police and BPBD officers who arrived at the location and carried out the examination stated that the victim was not alive. The victim's body was then evacuated to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar.There were no signs of violence on the victim's body but find  found various types of drugs accofing Doni. Temporary allegations that the victim was depressed so he committed suicide he said.

Japanese guide commit suicide


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