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Balinese man who claimed to be 125 years old find back after 2 days missing in weakening condition.

Balinese man who claimed to be 125 years old find back after 2 days missing in weakening condition.

Grandfather I Nyoman Silur, 125 years old, from Sukaluwih Banjar, Amerta Bhuana Village,

Selat District, Karangasem, was  disappeared for two nights. Finaly  found back  injured and in weak condition in a former excavation of C in Banjar Yehkori, Jungutan Village - which is about 6 kilometers from his house on Saturday (1/12/2018 ). 

According to the victim's son, Jro Mangku Suma, he left home on Thursday (29/11/2018) morning to attend a meeting  at Bale Desa Pakraman Sukaluwih,  

After returning from work his wife did not see her old husband in his house andreported to the Banjar Sukaluwih I Wayan Sriasa. 

The official search began on Thursday afternoon (11/29/2018) . Because of the foggy weather accompanied by rain, the search is stopped. The search process continued on Friday (30/11) morning, targeting in all directions. The search was coordinated by Wayan Sriasa, followed by the Amerta Bhuana I Wayan Suara Arsana Workshop, Babinsa Officer, Amerta Bhuana Koptu I Village, Wayan Sudana, Amab Bhuana Village. The families of the victims shared their duties, some of them took part in the search for someone who returned (divination) to smart people.

Friday's search was also stopped due to foggy weather and drizzling rain. But the victim's family had received instructions regarding the existence of the grandfather Nyoman Silur. As a result of the backlash, Nyoman Silur's grandfather was said to be in the northeastern part of Banjar Sukaluwih, in a former C-excavation pile, precisely in the Yehkori Banjar, Jungutan Village. The distance of Banjar Sukaluwih to Banjar Yehkori is about 6 kilometers, it must cross the mountain road on the slopes of Mount Agung in the southeast.

 From the family of the victim they found a former pit of excavation. One of the grandchildren of Nyoman Silur's grandfather, I Made Abiantara, 19, observed that there was a person in the intended puddle. After being approached it turned out to be his grandfather. 

Made Abiantara found his grandfather in a state of weakness, cold, his clothes soaked, and in some parts of his body blisters. 

Subsequently the officers and residents were summoned to the former excavation location C. Grandpa Nyoman Silur was then evacuated, carried around to the top, then taken to the Selat Puskesmas.

In the Selat Health Center, three medical officers were handled, Dr. I Gusti Lanang Udiyana, Dr. Tasia, and Dr. Kevin. Medical examination results, Grandpa Nyoman Silur's physical condition was weak because two nights did not eat, rain, cold in the open, and low sugar content. Initially it was recommended to be referred to Karangasem General Hospital, but the family chose to be treated at the Selat Puskesmas. After being given medicine by a doctor at the Selat Health Center, Nyoman Silur's grandfather was taken home. 

"So far, my sister lives at home, never going anywhere. It could be because when I left the house, my grandfather had difficulty finding a way home, "said Jro Mangku Suma, the youngest son of Nyoman Silur's grandfather to the officers. According to him, when Grandpa Nyoman Silur left home, none of his family members knew.

Dr. Tasia's medical officer said, after being given medicine, the sugar content of Nyoman Silur's grandfather was normal. "So we allow to be taken home," he said. Grandpa Nyoman Silur has 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. During this time lived on the border of Banjar Sukaluwih with Banjar Sebun, Sebudi Village, Selat District, on the slopes of the southern part of Mount Agung. *
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