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Bali Three Green vaccinated zones to open for travel bubble

Bali Three Green vaccinated zones to open for travel bubble

Bali Three Green Zones

Bali three green zones get's priority to the vaccination program for launching the Free Covid Corridor to receive finally foreign tourists announced in the new circulation letter on Monday 08/03/2021. The Tourism Office of Denpasar City has started to collect data on all restaurant and hotel workers in the Sanur area to speed up the vaccination program says Dezire Mulyani. The head of the tourism office  on Wednesday 10/03/2021 .

The Regent of Gianyar, Made Mahayastra Highlighted the fact that the cooperation of all party's is urgently needed, especially wit the upcoming Nyepi ( silent day 14/03/2021 ). Let's do what was decided in our latest  meeting yesterday, otherwise the number of cases will increase again after Nyepi , he says.Bali three green zonesHealth Protocols Circular Letter  08/03/2021

1. Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 05 of 2021 concerning the Extension of Restrictions on Micro-Based Community Activities optimizing the Post handling corona virus disease 2019 to control the spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019;
2. Bali Governor Regulation No. 10 of 2021 concerning The Application of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols as An Effort to Prevent and Control Corona Virus Disease 2019 in the New Era Of Life Order
3. Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali Number 3355 of 2020 concerning The Protocol of New Era Life Order.
1. The high number of Covid-19 transmissions in Bali province is currently marked by an increase in daily cases of Covid-19.
2. The need for all parties to maintain health, comfort, security, and safety for the people of Bali.
In this Circular Letter there are several new arrangements that are changes from the previous Circular Letter (Circular Letter No. 05 of 2021)

Bali three green zone meeting
The Secretary of Bali Province Dewa Made Indra while reviewing the implementation of vaccinations for tourism workers at the Harris Hotel, Kuta, on 10/03/ 2021.

1. Activities in restaurants / restaurants / stalls and the like for on-site services are carried out a maximum of 50% of the normal capacity that was originally limited to 21.00 H can operate until 22.00 H while still applying health protocols more strictly. As for food service through delivery / take-away is still allowed.
2. Activities in shopping centers / malls operate that originally until 21.00 H. and can operate until 22.00 H
3. For public facilities, customary, religious, and socio-cultural activities, it is permitted to be opened and implemented with a maximum capacity restriction of 50% with the application of stricter health protocols with a limited number of participants.
4. For Domestic Travelers who will enter the territory of Bali there are changes with the following.
• for those who travel by air transportation must show a certificate of negative results of PCR-based swab test no later than 2 x 24 hours before departure or a certificate of negative results of rapid test antigen test that was originally no later than 1 x 24 hours changed to a maximum of 2 x 24 hours before departure;
while for travelers by land and sea transportation is still required to show a certificate of negative results of PCR-based swab test or negative results of Rapid Test Antigen test no later than 3 x 24 hours before departure.
5. softened  arrangements are expected to provide greater opportunities for traders and other businesses to increase the economic activity.
6. This Circular Letter shall come into force from  Tuesday dated March 9, 2021 until Monday March 22, 2021.
7 .This Governor Regulation adds  the regulation on sanctions for Foreigners or foreign tourists visiting Bali. Violations of health protocols for them will be fined Rp. 1.000.000 ( 70 US$ ) for the first violation and Deportation if they commit violations for the second time.
Handling violations by foreigners or foreign tourists in addition to involving elements of the TNI, POLRI, and or Satpol PP also involves relevant vertical agencies such as the Bali Provincial Law and Human Rights Office.
III. Bali Province still gets special attention in handling Covid-19 from the Central Government, this can be seen from:
1. Bali gets priority in vaccine distribution.
2. Bali with the direction and permission of the Minister of Health of the Minister of Tourism and 8.Creative Economy will establish the Free Covid-19  Corridor, namely the establishment of Green Zones in three regions.

Ubud third green zone
9.The three areas are: Ubud , Nusa Dua, and Sanur
will become the Free Covid-19 Corridor in handling Covid-19 safe travel, namely by establishing health zones that are free from Covid-19 through a comprehensive vaccination program for people who live and do activities in the Zone or Region.
10.The Covid-19 Vaccination Program aims to reduce the transmission/transmission of Covid-19, reduce the rate of pain and death due to Covid-19, achieve herd immunity and protect the public from Covid-12 With the Free Covid-19 Corridor Program is the preparation of the opening stage of tourism for foreign tourists.




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