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WAM-IFRA organising Publish Asia in Nusa Dua - Bali during April 24/25 th 2018

WAM-IFRA organising Publish Asia in Nusa Dua - Bali during April 24/25 th 2018

World Association Newspaper and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA)

organising the Publish Asia 2018 in Bali.


 The event will be held for 2 days by presenting speakers from Asia Pacific. 
There are around 300 CEOs and editors of

Asia Pacific media present in this annual event.

 They will discuss a number of issues related to the trends and

problems facing the mass media industry in Asia Pacific.
According to WAN-IFRA APAC Committee Chairman,

Patrick Daniel, the atmosphere in the mass media industry is improving.


 Last year, when the meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

publishers experienced stagnant growth and most were in a restructuring position. 

"This year, the atmosphere is getting better because there is optimism

and an increase in growth in the mass media industry," he said. 
There are several reasons that have caused the excitemen

t of the mass media industry this year. 

He mentioned the increasing number of people who want to read

the news as one of the reasons.

 In addition, many new sources of income exist for

the mass media industry to grow.
He said the mass media had apparently started

to rise and found a rhythm to generate new revenue in addition

to their traditional income from ads that have shifted to

online platforms and social media, such as Facebook and Google. 

However, he realizes that efforts are still needed to increase

public interest in paying the news that they read,

because the actual ability to buy it exists. 
On the occasion also conveyed the trend that occurred

in the mass media industry. Starting from Thomas Jacob'

s presentation of WAN-IFRA, then the exposure related efforts

made by the mass media with speaker Jayant Bhargaya which

is Vice COE Kompas Gramedia Group and

Chief Commercial Officer of New Straits Time Press, 


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