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US jewel thief busted in Kuta by local crowd

US jewel thief busted in Kuta by local crowd

US jewel thief busted in Kuta

The 35 year old American citizen Marcus Dorian Price was violanty beaten up by local crowd after he was suspected of stealing a golden ring in a jewellery shop in Kuta, Bali on Wednesday (17/06/2020) at 11.30H. Marcus was pretending shopping and asked for the price of  jewellery at the Surya Gold Shop located in Jalan Kend in Kuta. When the store employee checks the price, Marcus  took  the ring in hide it in his pants pocket and walked out the shop . He  asked then the employee from the outside  to get the price of another ring present behind the window store.

The shop employees saw that the ring was missing and immediately started to scream .Marcus try to escape on his Yamaga NMAX motorbike and was chased by furous residents and  he was finally caught 500 meters further in front of the Dharmayana monastery.

US jewel thief busted
The US citizen tried to explain that there was a misunderstanding when the stolen ring was find in his pants

They interrogated Marcus who was not very cooperative when they find the stolen ring as evidence in his pants and he  tried to explain that there was a misunderstanding .Fortunately the police arrived quickly  at the scene to secure Marcus was getting beating up violently by the local crowd.

US jewel thief busted
.The police arrived quickly to secure the suspect was getting beating up violently. Luckily his was wearing a helmed

The Kuta Criminal Investigation  Chief, Iptu Bagus Nagara Baranacita  suspected that the American foreiner who staying temporarily at the Swissbell Hotel on the sunset road in Kuta was determinate to commite crimes after he was running  out of money and could not return back home to the US who is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

US jewel thief busted



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