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Unprecedented charity campaigns of Bali's business and local communities after third strong earthquake on Gili's and Lombok islands

Unprecedented charity campaigns of Bali's business and local communities after third strong earthquake on Gili's and Lombok islands

On 09/08/2018  Lombok was shaken by a third big earthquake measured at magnitude 6.2 in little more than a week  as death toll had risen 347,

another 2,500 people have been injured and 170,000 displaced and homeless.
There have been 355 aftershocks since last Sunday and an estimated 458 schools and 42,239 houses are uninhabitable.
A humanitarian crisis is looming in Lombok, where thousands are in desperate need of clean water, food, medicine and shelter.

The situation is devastating and thousands of people are badly in need of help as local supplies are running low.



Donated goods such as:
cooking oil
dried beans
canned fish
, sugar
, tea, 
egg noodles 
protein bars
and all non perishable nutritious foods
Medical supplies- bandages, wet gauze, wound dressings, antiseptic cream, dettol, betadine, cotton buds, 

size M surgical gloves, saline for cleaning wounds, surgical masks, elastoplast, antibiotics, 

anti inflammatories, multi vitamins for adults and kids, diapet, norit, panadol, cold and flu tablets
, tents, tarpaulins, ropes 
blankets /rolls of blanket material and warm clothing ( modest clothing , 

long pants, long tops, sweaters , scarves, knitted caps, socks) 
Women's hygeine products, baby formula, diapers, toiletries ( large sizes to reduce plastic waste),

 toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby soap washing powder, disinfectant and flashlights with batteries.


Below info reports , bank account links and drop of places  in Bali.


 Hotel Seri Resort owners report 

 Gili Meno during the magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Lombok on August 5th. It was such a traumatic experience,

but we are so grateful that our family, our partner Aki and his wife, our managers and staff and all our 100 guests were unharmed,

and it was incredible to see the support everyone gave each other. Also 10 of our staff stayed behind to support us and we are so thankful to them.

After 2 days our and we finally managed to get our group and others evacuated from the Gilis thanks to the incredible generosity of Patagonia Boat coming to recusing us .

Sadly there have been frequent and strong aftershocks with the latest 6.1 yesterday. It has resulted in masive devestation, with hundreds of deaths,

countless injuries, over 50,000 people are homeless urgent supplies are desperately needed. We have been busy the past few days sending basic supplies

such as drinking water, rice, noddles etc to vicitms in Lombok and Gili Meno after the tragic earthquake a few days ago.

Our partner Aki Hiraga is on site in the gili islands to ensure all items donated and sent are received and distributed in Lombok and given to the people who need it most.

Of course we will provide complete transparency, reciepts, bank records and photos.

We are looking for urgent donations to firstly buy immediate needs until the power is restored and aid is set up: 
*Drinking Water 
*Food - cooking oil instant noodles, rice, etc
*Camping supplies tents, blankets, tarps

We will also help rebuild homes that have been destroyed. 
To rebuild one 2 bedroom home will costs about CAN 2,500. I was not going to post photos of the destruction

but I think it is necessary to post one to really see what they are facing.

My husband Eddie has set up separate bank accounts only to receive donations as follows:

Account Name: Mohd Zaidi Bin Saleh 
Bank Name: PT Bank Mega, Tbk
Account Number 
USD: 02 014 20 29 00141 4 
IDR : 02 014 00 27 00267 4
Bank Address: Jl Raya Basangkasa No 10 Seminyak Badung Bali Indonesia 80361
Bank Code: 426
Swift Code: MEGAIDJA
Phone: +62 361 737 725 (international)Bali 0361 737 725

We can also accept donations through pay pal please email me

Please forward this message to as many friends and family as possible as every dollar will make a huge difference when multiplied by our vast social networks.

Thank you very much and please help us make a difference for the people of Lombok and Gili Islands.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact myself or Eddie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


beach house & Komodo Gili Trawagnan islands owners report

We are raising money for the Lombok locals who are in desperate need for all the basics such as water ,rice and baby food and shelter

Thanks to all of you that have contacted me and my family with concern and with best wishes. And for the offers to help - and questions about ways to do this...

Yes, buildings and businesses have been lost - we're one of many facing this loss. And - more tragically - l

ives have been lost. But it goes further than this when thinking of the future... these businesses on GT

that have been lost following this last big quake, employed thousands of staff from the island and from Lombok.

These amazing staff who looked after our businesses and looked after so many of you who have holidayed on GT are now without a job

, and many have returned home to Lombok to find they are totally homeless, and with fewer family members left ?

We personally will try to continue to pay our staff for as long as we can to give them a chance to find alternative employment but

effectively they have lost their livelihood. Many of them live in the northern villages of Lombok which have been totally flattened.

They have lost their homes, their possessions, and their livelihood. Our management staff are now going to buy food and water

to take to our staff in Tanjung who have absolutely nothing and to buy tarpaulins so they have some shelter. And that's only one village.

And that's just our staff... And we are only one of hundreds of businesses affected...

It is not their fault they are without jobs or homes, and we will certainly help all our staff. But many smaller businesses are not in

the financial position to do this and so all help to send food and supplies to an island without water and electricity, and to families without homes, is much appreciated.

All donations, and it really doesn't matter how small, will go to those suffering in their non-existent villages, without work,

and without a livelihood. For those of you who have stayed with us and feel the same way we do about our amazing staff please email me or contact me through PM

. For those wanting to help the situation in general I can put you onto organisations in Bali who have set up help centres.

Please don't think you have to give anything - it is not an obligation - but my thanks to those of you that have already rung asking to where you can donate,

and to those that have already sent money to my mum, and hence this email.

Mother Nature sure seems intent on reminding us that we are just little human specks of dust in relation to her immense power!!


Desa Seni
Luigi's Hot Pizza Bali
Samadi Bali
Mondo Bali
F45 Training Seminyak
Oasis Of The Seas Cruisers...Past, Present, Future
4gadis guest house


La Brisa Bali this Friday for LOMBOK EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND plus other important charities that looking to make a difference in Bali. 
Club Conscious 3rd Annual Charity Party 
AUGUST 10th 12 pm till very late



Raising money through donations and Raffle tickets with prizes to be won from:
Potato Head Beach Club Bali
In the RAW Bali - Cold Pressed Juice, Smoothies, Healthy Food and Snacks
Bali Praia
Happy Kombucha Secret Lab
Escape Presents The People Vs.
Laramona Ubud
West Coast Ink Bali
Lust&Lost ChillBar

Supporting charities:
IDEP Foundation
Agung Siaga Community
YKPA Bali Orphanage street kids project
Bali Pink Ribbon

For donations straight to the Lombok Fund:
PAYPAL Address:

BANK Account Number : 
Account : 1350435111 
Name: Muhammad Chaerulsyah 
Swift Code: CENAIDJA


Drop off place for supplies to go to Lombok at our cafe in Sanur. 

cafe Smorgas jl Tamblingan 56. Sanur
contact no 081236261170




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