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Tourist dies after rescuing wife and two children at Secret Beach on Ceninga island

Tourist dies after rescuing wife and two children  at Secret Beach on Ceninga island

A Spanish tourist of 53 years old named Franscisco ,

died after swimmingin the waters of Secret Beach

Ceningan, Dusun Cening Kawan, Lembongan Village,

Nusa Penida.Francisco died after successfully

rescuing  his wife and two children who had been dragged

by the ocean currents at Secret Beach .

Nusa Penida police chief,

Kompol I Ketut Suastika explained that the incident

happened at around 11 pm.

Francisco Menganyo at Cliff Villa Lembongan was swimming

with his wife and two young children in Secret Beach. 

When swimming, suddenly the two children and his wife dragged

the stream quite loudly.

"Seeing his wife and two children washed away the current,

Francisco swim directly to the sea trying

helping his wife and children, finally succeeded

in rescuing the child and his wife,

and tried to swim at the loneliness held

by his wife and two children.

But he was expected to be exhausted

when he tried to swim to the coast.

Half the sea Francisco was out of breath.

Luckily, not far from them was a fisherman who happened

to be passing by on the scene.

The fisherman helped the four and raised them to the canoe.

"At that time, Francisco was unconscious

While the children and his wife limp.

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The place is then taken to the Yellow Bridge

by boarding a boat, üngkap Ketut Suastika.

After arriving at the Yellow Bridge,

one family was brought to Nusa Penida II

Community Health Center in Jungut Batu Village

to get medical treatment. But when examined,

the head of the family was already declared dead.

"The victim's body was then evacuated

to Sanglah Hospital Denpasar by using New Man boat,



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