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Sanur hotel claims beach and asked Balinese woman to move

Sanur hotel claims beach and asked Balinese woman to move

Sanur hotel claims beach is only for their guest and kicked out Balinese resident with her daughter on  Wednesday 24/03/2021. The female resident  Mirah Sigandhi who lives in Sanur was playing in the sand  with her daughter near the Puri Santrian Hotel without using their facilities. Suddenly a security guard came to her and asked her is she  was a guest at the hotel.  Mirah admitted that she was not and was told by the security guard not to sit in the so-called hotel area. She was asked to move other beach and felt intimidated by the hotel staff .

She added several videos of the incident  on her Instagram account @mirahsugandhi and explained how she felt  after being kicked out of the beach which she thought anyone could enjoy.

This beach belongs to the public. This is a very wide beach. I just found out that hotels can have beaches. I'm still in shock and why I was kicked out," said Mirah, quoted from her Instagram account, Wednesday (24/03/2021 ).

and kicked out Balinese resident

 Hotel Puri Santiran, admits that they do not know the complete story of the security guard evicted local residents who were playing on the beach near the hotel.

and kicked out Balinese resident

Dezire Mulvani, the head of the Denpasar tourist office confirmed  to have received the information of aa viral video where a Balinese resident  had a issue  on Sanur beach and his party will check the information with the hotel mentioned in Mirah's upload. He stated that none of the beaches in Sanur are privately owned and all beaches are open to the public. According Dezire, it should have never happened and  maybe we will approach the hotel if it really happened . The beach belongs to the public, not the hotel, that's obvious. he said.

Sanur hotel claims beach


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