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Plastic ban in Denpasar supermarkets could also be also applied to Bali hotels and restaurants.

Plastic ban in Denpasar supermarkets could also be also applied to Bali hotels and restaurants.
The application of the new plastic ban law decided by the Mayor of Denpasar, IB Rai Dharmawijaya  continues to be maximized in various sectors. Not only in traditional markets, supermarkets, and modern markets, the implementation of Perwali is also held in the World of Tourism. On Thursday (3/1) the Tourism Office (Diparda) of Denpasar City also carried out socialization and inspection for businesses in the tourism sector by targeting hotels and restaurants in Denpasar City.

According to Plastik Detox Bali , to realize full awareness in limiting the use of PSP so that it becomes a living habit, it needs a period of adaptation or adjustment for the community and business actors.

Not to mention, the government as a regulator also needs to complete the tools to enforce these rules.

The habituation process cannot take place in an instant, it can even take years.

"We at Plastik Detox Bali , the campaign for ideas to support the PSP reduction process has only been started since 2012. We started from small businesses around Sanur, Denpasar . "Plastic Detox invites them to reduce the use of three types of disposable plastics namely plastic bags, styrofoam and plastic straws ," said Luh De Dwi Jayanthi, Detox Bali Plastic Coordinator ,

"Three types of plastic are considered the most likely to be reduced. However, reality is not that easy to make it happen. Various problems were encountered, although there were also solutions to the idea, "Dwi Jayanthi added.

Plastic Detox Bali

 even provides incentives in the form of training for staff of business people, design services, promotions and consultations for free to every business actor who joins a program to reduce PSP usage.

retail stores generally replaced the use of plastic bags with eco-friendly shopping bags that could be used many times.

At the Tiara Dewata supermarket in Denpasar , there are 3 types of eco-friendly bags offered to consumers. Small bags are sold at Rp. 10,890 per piece, medium size bags are Rp. 14,980, and large sizes are Rp. 17,180.

The Ramayana shopping center branch in Denpasar , also prepares environmentally friendly bags for its customers.

There are 3 types of eco-friendly bags offered to consumers. Small bag Rp. 1,500, medium bag Rp. 2,000, big bag Rp. 2,500.

In Karya Sari Swalayan in Denpasar  , the bag is environmentally friendly for consumers are also prepared.



However, the new bags are only available in the size bags sold at a price of Rp. 3,000.

According to the shop owner, Anie Handris (41), in the near future small eco - friendly bags will be available at a price of IDR 1500 and a large size of IDR 8 thousand

"We educate consumers about officers. No more boxes are provided, because if you use cardboard, here you will definitely not bring it anymore. That's why bags are provided," he explained.

n addition to eco-friendly shopping bags, there is also a supermarket that provides cardboard for its customer shopping containers. For example, this happened at Ayu Nadi Swalayan Jalan Tukad Batanghari, Denpasar , Thursday (1/3).

According to AA Ngurah Agung Agra Putra (33), operational manager of Ayu Nadi Group, many consumers in their place still choose cardboard instead of disposable plastic bags .

"Previously, we also distributed shopping bags for free to our customers several times. Hopefully, they will use the shopping bags next time they shop again," Agra Putra said.

"But now our customers prefer to use cardboard instead of buying shopping bags. Maybe, that's because they don't want to buy (pay) bags or it could be because the types and models of shopping bags in us are still limited. the model, "he added. 

"Right now we actually sell bags or shopping bags. But not all customers want to buy these shopping bags or bags, so we provide another alternative, cardboard for free," explained Agra Putra via a short message

So the SOP of our service at the cashier is to ask the customer first whether to bring their own shopping bag or not. If not, we suggest buying a shopping bag that is available at our place or wrapped in cardboard," said Agra Putra.

Shopping bags that have been provided at Ayu Nadi Supermarket have two types of sizes, namely medium and large, with prices starting below Rp.10 thousand to above Rp.10 thousand per piece.

"We hope that people will be wiser in using plastic as well as participating in protecting the environment. Well, to protect the environment must be a joint commitment. The government, employers and communities must work together to protect the environment," Agra Putra said

Head of the Denpasar City Tourism Office, MA Dezire Mulyani accompanied by the Head of the Tourism Industry, I Ketut Arya explained that the Denpasar City Tourism Office continues to support this effort to reduce plastic. Where, intensive socialization was carried out so as to maximize the reduction of plastic waste on Earth.
We hope that the reduction of plastic waste will become our common concern, including the world of tourism," he explained.
Plastic waste not only disrupts health, but is a shared challenge because Bali is still based on the tourism sector. As we all know that one of the famous attractions in Asia are forced to close because of the large amount of plastic waste in the area.
"This is what we do not want to happen in Bali, because the economic sector is still based on tourism until now, and if tourism falters, all economic lines in Bali also have the opportunity to falter," he explained.
Head of Tourism Industry, I Ketut Arya added that the socialization of the implementation of Perwali Number 36 Year 2018 which regulates the reduction of plastic waste in Denpasar City has been targeted by targeting 47 business locations. Where the number consists of 11 entertainment businesses, 25 restaurant businesses and 11 hotel businesses.
Particularly in the Tourism Business Sector it emphasizes that tourism entrepreneurs should reduce the use of disposable plastics such as plastic bags, plastic straws . This socialization will be carried out one week ahead and then will be taken firm action.


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