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Pasar Badung : Bali's biggest market with 1.689 merchants is now open.

Pasar Badung  : Bali's biggest market with 1.689 merchants is now open.

1,698 merchants   can now  sell like before. In fact, with the presence of modern supporting facilities and can now be considered as the biggest in Eastern Indonesia can provide convenience for consumers and traders.

This operation containing historical value was carried out soft opening by Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra on Sunday (24/02/2019) at the local market.  

The pre-opening of the Badung Market was marked by the surrender of the Denpasar City Reward Post Measuring machine as a City of Orderly Measurement in 2017 by the Director General of Metrology of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia 

The event was also marked by the signing of a joint agreement between the City Government of Denpasar and  Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa about utilization of services and receipt of payments by Denpasar City Secretary, AAN Rai Iswara witnessed by Denpasar Mayor, IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra, followed by a review of all merchants in kiosks and traders who accompanied socialization of plastic reduction accompanied handing over eco-friendly bags to CSR traders and communities from IWAPI Denpasar and BPD Bali.

In its review, the Mayor of Rai Mantra along with ranks was flooded with gratitude for the rebuilding of the Badung market with a variety of facilities available to facilitate access and accommodation for traders and consumers. Just as coming from a trader from Jalan A. Yani, Denpasar, Ni Made Leong said he was happy to be able to occupy this new market. Various facilities also provide easy access to activities in the new Badung Market. 
The Mayor explained that the revitalization of the people's market was one of the flagship programs of the Denpasar City Government to increase the competitiveness and dignity of the traders. Where, a variety of supporting facilities continue to be improved in order to create a clean and reliable community market. So that the people's market is not only used as a meeting place for sellers and buyers, but can also be a vehicle for recreation and tourism.


This market revitalization is a program to increase the dignity and value of traders so they can compete and become the pulse of economic growth in Denpasar City,

With the "soft opening" it is certainly expected to be able to inventory all kinds of shortcomings that may exist in the actual market operations. Thus, of course solutions can be produced so that operational markets in the future can run smoothly and provide benefits for the entire community. On this occasion Rai Mantra also invited all relevant stakeholders to jointly maintain the Badung Market which has now been well organized in accordance with SNI.

We are very concentrated in providing equality for all parties, all supporting facilities have been designed to be disability-friendly, elderly and women and children. The combination of this innovation will be packaged in one market governance known as Smart Heritage Market," said Rai Mantra

Director of PD Pasar Denpasar  explained that the existence of Badung Market as the economic pulse in the city of Denpasar is very important. As a people's market, of course increasing market infrastructure must continue to be carried out. However, with modern management, it certainly maintains a cultural culture (Smart Heritage Market) as part of the "City Tour".

With the availability of facilities that are in accordance with SNI, we will continue to work to improve services by providing guidance and social services to market players through market schools, business development, health care clinics, empowerment of women and children and merchant cooperatives," he said.

Kompyang Wiranata added that currently Badung Market is preparing to reach SNI standards with the application of digitalization-based governance, online systems and so on to support the existence of the people's market amid intense market competition.

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