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Increasingly activity of tourist with guides climbing Mount Agung despite the potential eruption risque

Increasingly activity of tourist with guides climbing Mount Agung despite the potential eruption risque
Since the alert status of Mount Agung has been reduced from level IIII to level  III ,
 Several local trekking tour guides from outside Karangasem
have been climbing to Mount Agung.
They climbed Mount Agung to take foreign tourists who want
to see the condition of the mountain.
Information obtained, usually the local trekking guide
climbs Mount Agung in secret, with no knowledge of the relevant officers.
Chairman Pasemetonan Jagabaya (Pasebaya) Mount Agung,
Gede Pawana explained that Caucasians
who climb to the top of Mount Agung quite a lot.
There are also domestic guests, as well as locals.
"The tourists are rising in secret,
initially just saying it will reach Pura Pasar Agung,
but when they reach Pura Pasar Agung they go up
to the top of Gunung Agung,
Most local and foreign  guides go from Pasar Agung street
in Sebudi Village, Selat Subdistrict,
and Pengubengan Line, Besakih Village, Rendang District.
They are to the summit of Mount Agung at night.
Gede Pawana added, currently the situation and conditions
of Mount Agung began to sell local guides to foreign tourists.
The circulation of photographs of Mount Agung climbing activity
in social media encourages the tourists want to rise to the top.
"There are one or two guides who sell the situation
and conditions of Mount Agung, which they call safe,
and now there are pictures of the conditions on the top of the mountain,
so many people are interested," he added.
In fact, according to Gede Pawana, pemedek who want to tangkil
or hold a prayer to the top of Mount Agung, until now still banned up to the top.
The reckless and recalcitrant climb to the summit are the maancanegara tourists.
Gede Pawana who also serves as Perbekel Duda Timur admitted
he had told the tourists not to make the climb, given the condition
of Mount Agung is still at risk because of alert status. 
The potential of the affected area at the Standby level
is within a 4-kilometer radius.
Although already told, the tourists are many who do not bother,
and known they still climb to the top.
"We hope it will be at the top of a sterile mountain,
but tourists are hard to tell, and that is also used by local guides
from outside Karangasem," he added.
Secretary of Pasebaya Gunung Agung, Wayan Suara Arsana added,
at dawn yesterday obtained information that four Caucasian
native brave to climb Mount Agung
without the knowledge of police officers and pasebaya.
They rose from the path of Pura Pasar Agung Sebudi,
Sebudi Village, Selat District. Therefore, their identity is also unknown.
 When the officers tried to prevent, they had already run away first.
I got a phone call from a hotel officer who said that the foreigners were up,
Late last April, said Gede Pawana, a number of residents around
the slopes of Mount Agung had climbed the mountain. 
They climbed to check the volume of magma that
was rumored to almost meet the crater.
Information collected, on 25 April the people who climbed to Gunung Agung
were residents of Temukus, Besakih Village; and citizens of Sebudi, Selat District.
They rise in the morning and reach the peak during the day.
There, they checked the volume of magma in the center of the crater.
They want to make sure. 
The goal is that residents on the slopes can grow crops and raise calmly.
Temukus and Sebudi are within a radius
of 5 to 6 kilometers from the top of the mountain.
Residents claimed to be worried about the condition
of the mountain lately. 
It is known that the new crater filled half magma.
Magma distance with surface crater 130 meters.
Previously, Head of Volcanic Mitigation Field PVMBG,
Wawan Irawan revealed that the supply of magma
to the surface of the crater is still happening.
 It's just the volume is smaller than when the mountain
is still the status of Awas (level IV).
Although now the condition has come down to Standby level,
said Wawan, the potential for eruption still exists.
Whenever eruption can occur depending on the wishes of the mountain.
The impact of the eruption is estimated around a radius of
4 KN from the top of the mountain or in the crater area.
"Blowing solfatara and seismic activity still exist, only smaller than before.
 Energy stored in the stomach is still low compared to the first, "said Wawan.
PVMBG calls on local communities, climbers, visitors, and tourists
to avoid climbing or activities in the forecast of the hazard zone.

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