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Dead whale discovered on pengeragoan beach / Jembrana.

Dead whale discovered on pengeragoan beach / Jembrana.

A very large size whale was found stranded and had rot in the Pengeragoan Beach, Pekutatan Subdistrict, Jembrana Regency, Saturday (16/3/2019).

Some residents said that the whale carcass had suddenly been on the beach. It smells so bad. "Maybe it was caught in a net or was dead in the sea and then stranded on the beach,



" said several residents Pekutatan Police Chief Commissioner Putu Suprama was confirmed to justify the discovery of the whale carcass.According to him, Pengeragoan Bhabinkamtibmas, Aiptu Gusti N Suartama, together with Perbekel I Wayan Balik Kari, Dangin Tukad Kadus Pengeragoan Village I Wayan Susila Arimbawa, and Team from BPSPL (Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Management) Denpasar, led by Sudrajat Sunday (17 / 3) also came to the crime scene stranded by the Sperm Whale carcass on the Pengeragoan Dangin Hamlet of the Tukad. 

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