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Two American tourists lost in Bali forest

Two American tourists lost in Bali forest

Americans lost in Bali

Americans lost in Bali inside the Bukit forest in Karangasem on the way back from thier trip to Amed to return home to  Perunganan.  Google maps directed them to the Bukit forest in Karangasem on Sunday 21/06/2020.The two American citizens Roland and Ridge got finally rescued by the Bali Basarnas team after their friend Isabelle the Karangasem Police office at 21.20 PM.

still access the internet network

Roland and Ridge  returned from Amed Beach to their accommodation in Perunganan and relying  on Google Maps who gived them wrong directions towards  Selumbung.   They turned of their motorbike to find assistance when they realised they heading  in the middle of nowhere  in the forest. Unfortunately  is was getting dark and could not find anyone or any habitations  in the surrounding area.
They started panicked and contacted immediately their  friend Isabela to ask for help. Luckily the signal of the one of their phones had still access the internet network and could share their current location to her who showed to the Karangasem Police Station. They send out  5 people with a local guide searching   for Roland and Ridge who been found one hour later.Americans lost in Bali forest



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