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Bali Green Zone Quarantine hotels starting from 90 US$

Bali Green Zone Quarantine hotels starting from 90 US$


Bali Green Zone Implementation is still targeted for June-July 2021 . Quarantine hotels cheapest in Sanur starting from 90 US$ / night.  Only if Covid-19 is under control in the three designed areas  Ubud (Central Ubud, Petulu, Sayan, Kedewatan), Sanur (Sanur Kaja, Sanur, Sanur Kauh), Badung (Jimbaran, Benoa, Tanjung Benoa).

Bali Green Zone Implementation
• visitors must be fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test result to apply for a visa,
• visitors will be tested on arrival at the airport with a subsequent test as part of their quarantine,
• 5-day quarantine at CHSE certified hotel in the Green Zones (at their own cost),
• during quarantine foreign tourists “can visit destinations around the hotel” but following strict health protocols.
• An unofficial list of recommended quarantine hotels in Bali for the Green Zone opening

Bali Green Zone Implementation

Quarantine hotels in Bali starting from 90 US$

The Griya Santrian Resort in Sanur has the best package of 5 nights for 8.000.000 / 90 US$ for double room or 6 million / 83 US$ for single room

Bali Green Zone Implementation

Russian porn star recorded movie at Mount Batur

Russian porn star recorded movie at Mount Batur

Mount Batur pornographic video of the Russian model Mihanika69 has been investigated by the Bali police who is checking is she is still in Bali . The 3 minutes 44 seconds video  has been widely circulated on social media allegedly recorded  on mount Batur and uploaded on the adult site Pornhub .This site has  been blocked by the Indonesian Ministry of Information and Communication in 2017.  The porn video with two foreigners having oral sex went viral on social media and seems to been recorded on Mount Batur, which is  a sacred area for Hindus in Bali In the video, you can see the woman giving a blow job to the male partner who is holding the camera .The location was first not clear says  I Gusti Ayu Putu Suinaci from the Bali Cyber ​​Crime section on Wednesday (21/4/2021) who is also in coordinating with the  immigration services  tracking through the social media media the female foreigner is still present in Bali or returned to her country

Mount Batur pornographic video
Identification of the location of the video on Mount Batur, Kintamani 21/04/2021 (PHOTO VIA ANTARA)

The Bangli Police Chief I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan confirmed  on Wednesday 21/04/2021. that  his members had discovered the precise location where the video has been recorded more then a year ago in April 2020 The scene was recorded was on the Mount Batur climbing route, around Pasar Agung confirmed Dhana on Wednesday 21/04/2021 at 5 PM


Youtubers entered supermarket with painted mask

Youtubers entered supermarket with  painted mask

American youtuber painted mask

American youtuber painted mask to enter Pepito Supermarket in Jl Semer, Kerobokan. Video went viral and angered many Indonesian citizens asking to deport them .  The two US  youtubers Josh Paler Lin and Lisha with 3.4 million subscribers often recording controversial video's . Josh and Lisa are  currently in Bali where they show their refusal  of security guard at a Pepito supermarket in Bali for not wearing a mask.

I'm sorry, did you forget your mask? (Sorry , did you forget your mask ?)" Said the supermarket security guard to Josh's girlfriend.

American youtuber painted mask

Both of them could not enter the supermarket. , Josh had the idea of ​​tricking the officer by painting  a mask on Lisha her face  in light blue and white color

They tried  again to enter the supermarket and  managed to enter after going through a handgun temperature check by the security guard,

Josh and Lisha recounted their experiences while facing the camera they were carrying. They admitted to being surprised no one was aware of it.

"Do you realize no one is paying attention to you?" said Josh

Of course. Because it looks authentic, ”replied Lisha.

At  their shopping and a Balinese citizen realizes that Lisha is not actually wearing a mask.

After returning from the supermarket, Josh shared a video of their experience on Facebook entitled "Facebook Exclusive Pranks !!" on April 16, 2021. Video was crowded into a conversation after a Bali resident  Ni Luh Djelantik kem shared  the video on Instagram. People are desperately fighting their way out of the pandemic storm. Beaten right and left front and back. These two foreigners  have no empathy. In fact, making Covid-19 a joke says Ni Luh Djelantik who also urged the Immigration to take action against the two American Youtubers  who locked already their Instagram accounts @joshpalerlin and @ lisha0902.

No immigration violations

The Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali, Jamaruli Manihuruk said that the US citizens   have not committed immigration violations.

He confirmed to have found the  concerned people who painted mask on their face. Because this is a state of law and must be followed up in accordance with the law, but no immigration violation has been found," sais Jamaruli in his press statement in Denpasar on Wednesday. (21/04/2021).

American youtuber painted mask


Russian thief steals five helmets in Canggu

Russian thief steals five helmets in Canggu

Russian steals from American five helmets in Pererenan. Russian citizen ( video below ). Ivan Kashataev (25) was arrested the day after the incident on Friday April 16 th 2021. Ivan stole a helmet in a state of depression and was drunk after a breakup with his girlfriend says the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Mengwi Police, Iptu, Ketut Wiwin Wirahadi on Monday April 19 th 2021.

The foreigner was arrested  in a villa in the Denpasar area where  the police find the  five stolen helmets .Ivan was surfing and drinking alcohol at Pererenan Beach on Thursday, April 15. On his  way back  he saw two motorbikes parked with helmets on the steering wheel that he took home.Russian steals from American

The next day Ivan admitted that he realized that there were five helmets ( 3 adult helmets and 2 children's helmets ) in his house belonging to the American citizen Hana Leona (37) and  German national Ronald Jauh (23). The two victims reported the loss of their helmet to the police. Ivan apologized himself  to the police and the victims who forgiven him and agreed to make peace.


Bali Dog Got Shot Dead By Air Gun

Bali Dog Got Shot Dead By Air Gun
Popular Bali Dog Got Shot by air gun
 Youths on motorbike on entrance of the parking at Balai Desa Punggul in the Blahkiuh Area on Thursday afternoon 15/04/2021.Sophie was born in August 2013 in the suburbs of Karangasem  where she was raised by the Balinese family of the current owner. On the early age of 3 months she moved to the Kerobokan area where she started a new life . She was a typical local dog and was loved by many people who find her cute and friendly. She was taken nearly every day for a walk outside or to run on a beach . She was from 2014 nearly always present at most events of the running clubs HHH2 , BHHH and Barong HHH. Until last week she even participated on the runs where she was following the rice paddies. Her presence and kindness during the last 7 years  made her very popular and she became for many members an animal friend and will be missed . She survived few accidents and always recovered soon until  the tragic end on Thursday 15/04/2021.
Popular Bali Dog Got Shot
Sophie is now resting in peace in Desa Beringkit / Marga .
Sophie walked into a calm street when suddenly two young boys on a motorbike were passing the area with an air gun to shoot birds. Without any reason they pointed the gun to the dog and shot the 8 years old dog in the back. A witness identified the motorbike with the two young boys ( aprox 13/14 years old ) driving away when the dog cried from pain. Less then one minute later she collapsed. The owner and other people tried to save her , but Sophie did not survive this cowardly act. People and dog owners in the area have been questioned and warned to keep the dog inside to avoid similar attacks. The local authorities and  leaders of the village of Blahkiuh are still investigating the incident.
Shooting bird with pistols is illegal in Indonesia, but is happening daily in most area's on Bali island.
Mostly it practiced by younger boys and always in areas out of their home village. This makes it a difficult task to find the suspects who killed Sophie.
The owners of the Sophie together with friends want to take action to highlight the danger of teenagers using air guns and write open letter to the Bali governor.

Pimp of prostitutes from Uzbekistan arrested

Pimp of prostitutes from Uzbekistan arrested

Pimp foreign prostitutes arrested on Wednesday night 07/04/2021 after police received reports of a prostitution network operational in a Hotel  on the  Jl Teuka Umar in Denpasar. Denpasar Police  arrested the 42 year old man POLTAK P. Manihuruk alias Robby from North Sumatra  at him home located at Pemogan in  South Denpasar. The police visited the hotel and find in two rooms wo Indonesian women and one Uzbekistani citizen having sex with costumers. The Online prostitution transactions have been done with WhatsApp messages  on rates of Rp2.5 million / hour. From that amount transferred the suspect 1,5 million to the woman and kept 1 million from each date. The three foreigners from Uzbekistan who have been employed by the suspect as prostitutes and the other working ladies are Indonesian citizens . The three woman  from Uzbekistan have been in Bali since before the pandemic. They met the suspect in a nightclub in the Kuta area. According the police officer Jansen started the suspect to operate since the beginning of 2020.

Pimp foreign prostitutes arrested

Tourists still facing 5 days quarantine when arriving in Bali

Tourists still undergo quarantine when Bali reopens in July 2021 for first 5 days in hotels located in the designed green zones. Bali is preparing for the opening of foreign tourists planned for July 2021 with strict conditions for foreigners . Not only by presenting the vaccination certificate on arrival, The first 5 days will be required to stay in quarantine at one of the hotels witch have CHSE certificate.

Bali three green zones
Bali Green zones Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua

The Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, I Putu Astawa said on Friday (09/04/2021 ) that this is not only required for foreigners, but also for Indonesian citizens who returned from abroad.  This step is a effort against the spread of covid-19 and also to target foreign tourists to stay for a long period in Bali.

Currently every foreigner who entering Indonesia must be for quarantined for 5 nights on his own costs  and not paid by the government according Putu Astawa.  The foreign tourists will be on arrival in Bali guided directly to the quarantined  hotels located  in the green zones. During the quarantine period, foreign tourists are still able to visit all destinations around their hotel. Only have to apply to the strict  regulations. 

Foreign tourists who will test positive for Covid-19 will be isolated to a hospital to be treated against the Covid-19 virus. This has been decided to avoid the spread of virus clusters from foreigners and to be able to react very fast said Putu Astawa

Bali announced new opening date July 6 2021

He stated that the new regulations in the world of tourism is a form of new normal life. The pre-pandemic regulations could not be applied during the Covid-19 pandemic. The strict regulations are made for the sake of everyone's interest and security and will be for the foreign tourists a bigger effort on a higher cost.

Bali domestic visitors already tripled in April 2021

Bali domestic visitors already tripled in April 2021

Bali domestic tourists tripled after the COVID-19 vaccination and increased when compared at the end of March and early April with daily 6.000 to 8.000 passengers. The Tourism Office released this increase based on the arrival data of passengers at Denpasar Airport. Since the vaccination campaign started at the beginning of February 2021 the number of passenger arrivals at Denpasar Airport in the range of only 1.900 to 3.000 passengers and  went up to 8.000 / 9.000 passengers a day at the beginning of  April 2021. The increase of domestic  visitors to the Island of the Gods shows the confidence after the mass vaccination and due the offer of holiday promos. The vaccination has now been done massively. Especially the priority in the tourism sector and tourist attractions to build trust. Even with the increase of domestic tourists to Bali  has not been able to revive Bali's economy and 146.000  available hotel rooms  are still empty. It only fills 16.000 residential rooms or 15 percent and it has not had a significant impact on the hospitality in Bali. Only 60 percent of the hotels are open and 40 percent are still closed. Many hotel employees are laid off and some hotels are not able  to finance the operation and maintenance cost. from the 300.000 hotel employees  only  180 .000 employees returned to work

Bali domestic tourists tripled

Source :

Singapore Airlines flying again to Bali from 3 th May 2021

Singapore Airlines flying again to Bali from 3 th May 2021

Singapore Airlines resuming flights directly to Bali from 4 May 2021, only  twice a week every Tuesday and Friday. SIA is deploying its 162-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft on the Bali route twice per week from 4th May 2021, an aircraft type recently introduced to the fleet as part of the merger of SilkAir into the mainline carrier.At this stage, flights remain restricted to those eligible to enter Indonesia, such as Indonesian nationals, those with a temporary or permanent residence visa (KITAS/KITAP) or an APEC Business Travel Card. A negative pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test is required within 72 hours of departure, with a second test and five days of quarantine imposed on arrival.

Singapore Airlines resuming flights directly to Bali

The current Singapore Airlines schedule is confirmed through to 31st May 2021, after which the carrier’s normal full flight program  is published, pending further revision closer to the time. Similar twice-weekly flights will be confirmed for June 2021.

In January 2020, prior to COVID-19, there were 125 flights per week in each direction on the Singapore – Bali route, operated by the following carriers:

  • AirAsia: 28/wk
  • Garuda: 7/wk
  • Scoot: 21/wk
  • SilkAir: 7/wk
  • Jetstar: 27/wk
  • KLM: 7/wk
  • SIA: 28/wk

Unfortunately the Boeing 737-800s are a bit of a step-down from SIA’s wide-body aircraft, with recliner seats in Business Class and no seat-back entertainment system installed. Bali looks set to join the list of destinations opening up to tourism again in the second half of 2021, and these flights by Singapore Airlines from May mark the start of the carrier’s intent to be at the forefront of the plans.

Singapore Airlines resuming flights

Bali youths pictured with Russian pornstar

Bali youths pictured with Russian pornstar

Russian pornstar behavior disturbed Balinese authorities after she published  picture surrounded by group of Balinese man on her Instagram account. Eva Elfie greeted a number of fans without wearing a mask what can be considered to ignore the Covid-19 health protocols. The Head of the Bali Civil Police Unit (Satpol PP), I Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadi is concerned to see a number of youths who invited Eva Elfie in a group photo on Monday 12/04/2021. The Bali Government  is intensifying the implementation of health protocols during the preparations to open Bali to foreign tourists. We deeply regret this kind of behavior but realizing that this kind of things can happen at any time and can be done by anyone he said. When we are fighting against the COVID-19  it is the responsibility of all of us and not only from the government. He also reminded the public not to be negligent with the regulations and hopes we all realize that the importance of it.

Russian pornstar behavior disturbed Balinese authorities

Eva Elfie is still in Bali and her  various postings stories  can be viewed on his Instagram account. Eva visited many tourist destinations such as Ubud, The Elephant, Monkey Forest, White Sand Beach to Pandawa Beach.

Russian Pornstar behavior disturbed Balinese authorities


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