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Krisik, New waterfall destination with cave and spring located in Tembuku-bangli

Krisik, New waterfall destination with cave and spring located in Tembuku-bangli
Krisik is the newest waterfall attraction in Bali recentlyopened in the Bangli area . Towards the waterfall, visitors will be spoiled for the beauty of the rice fields. 
Although the road access is still ground, but it is quite comfortable to go through, the terrain is quite sloping. 

The waterfall is inside, resembling a cave. Visitors will walk along the river which is decorated with natural stone. For visitors who want to malukat, there is a holy spring. The shady atmosphere makes visitors feel at home in Krisik Waterfall. Kelian Subak Tembuku Kelod, I Wayan Sumada together with the manager of Krisik Waterfall, Sang Nyoman Yasa, said Krisik Waterfall was inaugurated on September 24th 2018

Sang Nyoman Yasa admitted that there were still many supporting facilities that needed to be completed. "We are still making arrangements. For a while, the road is still in the ground, in the future there will be a concrete road, "he said, Wednesday (9/26). It is said, Krisik Waterfall is about 20 meters high. The water can be used as drinking water as it comes directly from a spring. "The waterfall is not a river. "It's a small water debit compared to other waterfalls, but never dry," he explained.

Delivered, naming Krisik is taken from the word ngericik which means gurgling. Wayan Sumada added, while doing promotions also made arrangements. In the location there are also caves that used to be used as waterways. But it is not used anymore so it is arranged by subak manners to support objects. In the future, the management of waterfalls through the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis). "We continue to supervise subak because it is in the subak area," he said. It will prepare a number of supporting activities such as matekap (plowing the fields) to attract
more visitors 
For a while, visitors are not charged for tickets, but they are still in the form of donations. Every day there are officers on guard at the location. This officer is also a guide. The development of Chrysanthemum wartefall is entirely based on community support. "The idea from last March was entirely on the support of the community and village and sub-district governments. We hope that it will grow and have a positive impact on the people, "hoped Wayan Sumada. *ice
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