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Gypsy Land Music Festival Bali July 10 / 11 th 2020

Gypsy Land Music Festival Bali July 10 / 11 th 2020

Gypsy Land Festival Bali july is the Island’s most eccentric festival at the Courtyard 66
No. 66 Jalan Camplung Tanduk during two days on  July 10/11 th 2020 from 3 PM until 3 AM. t’s a sensory overload of costume, set design, production and non-musical entertainment unlike any other festival in Indonesia.


The festival is split into two areas; The Badlands and The Wonderlands.

The Badlands is a post-apocalyptic world, a trash filled landscape reminiscent of mad max.

It’s a place to indulge in all your sinful desires. The Wonderlands is a psychedelic refuge, a place for all you fairies.



It’s glitter, butterflies and everything bliss.

Things to DO!
-Motorcyle of Death & Motocross
-Carnival Rides (Ferris Wheel, Giant Swing, Boat Pendulum)
-Cage Fights
-Axe Throwing
-Bull Riding
-Tattoos & Piercings
-Body Suspension
-Virtual Reality
-Fireworks and Fire Breathers


Gypsy Land Festival Bali



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