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Competition of Bali's best bartenders at the Arak Bali festival in Sanur

Competition of Bali's best bartenders at the Arak Bali festival in Sanur

Arak Bali The festival is held by the noble intention to bring wine Bali kederajat higher order arak Bali has a better chance freely enter into the world of tourism until he could go international. Mixology competition in Arak Bali Festival event was attended by 22 bartenders in Bali. 


In the event Arak Bali The festival jury assessed a number of the participants makes the creation of a cocktail with gin raw materials and other raw materials are kept confidential and stored in the black box. After fighting cocktail creations with wine raw materials jury finally decided Yudhistira of Romeos Bar & Grillery won the first place and get a trophy trophy HBI, 5 million cash, merchandise, certificates and medals.
Private Komang optimistic wine festival competition will raise the culture of Bali especially arak to the international world and to change the negative image of wine. After this event is expected tourism players such as bars, hotels and restaurants can serve wine and provides detailed information so that tourists do not feel worried and afraid of poisoning. 
"Kreasikan new cocktail with gin raw materials to be more known to tourists. Let us preserve this wine as a heritage from being lost to the ages," he said.
Bartender's Association of Indonesia (HBI) Bali Bayu Hendra also expect the creation of this wine is able to bring the International Cocktail Presenting Balinese Spirit.
"The expectation is that the cocktail with wine spirit in order to compete with international cocktail. Especially also erodes the negative image and stigma against arak," pleaded Bayu. 
Meanwhile, General Manager of Hatten Wine, Nyoman Lila Yudiana admitted during this most hotels and restaurants are more confident serving cocktails using imported products. And he said, is called a basic cocktail of alcohol, so the wine can be altered his basic start of taste, aroma becomes better.
"Through the wine festival can change the image of arak Bali Bali ravaged certain elements by mixing hazardous materials such as methanol," please Nyoman Lila Yudiana.
Nyoman Lila insists Yudiana Arak Bali Festival event also aims to change the image of liquor viewed negatively so that through this event proves that the original wine Bali without a mixture of methanol is safe to drink. 
Make appropriate positive creation of a procession that negative image eroded. Arak in order to thrive in Bali and to international,
We want to be when people remember the wine then remember Bali. As of Russian vodka or sake from Japan,
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