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Mount Ijen at East Jave closed after releasing toxic gaz and explosions

Mount Ijen at East Jave closed after releasing toxic gaz and explosions


Mount Ijen located at Banyuwangi in East Java has been totally closed

  after poisoned smoke was releasedd on 21/03/2018. 

al climbing, sulfur mining activities are suspended till further notice.

 According to residents the smell of sulphur gas appeared approximately at 7 PM on 21/02/2018

The smell grew stronger and caused dozens of people to faint.


Not sure until when the  the crater will be closed for the moment 

The h ead of Natural Resource Conservation Center (BKSDA)

East Java Banyuwangi Sumpena explains the closure of Ijen climbing activity

conducted since, Wednesday (21/3) midnight.

The trigger, emerging toxic gas from the caldera. 

The emergence of toxic gas was colored by explosions.

 So it endangers visitors. "Until this Wednesday the activity

of climbing and mining of sulfur is completely closed. 

Conditions are dangerous due to toxic gases, "said Sumpena.

his poisonous gas, said Sumpena, leads to the flow of the river Banyupait,

flow towards Bondowoso. As a result, some residents

had to breathe poison gas was rushed to the hospital.

While in the area of ​​Banyuwangi, the condition is normal. 

"The direction of the river to Bondowoso ven so,

the climbing activity from Banyuwangi has been closed completely. 

Meanwhile, Post Head Monitor Ijen Volcano Bambang Heri Purwanto explain

the emergence of toxic gases is an annual phenomenon in the crater Ijen.

This natural phenomenon, he said, triggered the rainy season. Thus,

the water temperature at the bottom of the crater occurs strikingly with the surface. 

Finally, a burst appeared, followed by a boil of toxic gas.

This hoax makes the gas poisonous. First known at around 19:30 pm. 

"This gas phenomenon usually occurs in January-March. 

But, depending on the intensity of rain, "he explained.

Until Wednesday afternoon, the results of monitoring around the crater,

the level of gas boast has started to decline.

 The color of the crater began to clear.

Even so, it still instructs the closure of climbing activities. 

Because, the condition is still dangerous. 

According to Heri, the toxic gas activity is followed by an

increase in the quantity of shallow volcanic earthquakes.

From normal condition 2 times, rose to 11 to 22 times the earthquake. 

Despite the emergence of toxic gases, Mount Ijen status is still normal level.

Therefore, this toxic gas activity is not from magma,

but the influence of the temperature of the air due to rain.

 "We urge people not to panic. Only, forbidden to approach the crater or make the climb



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