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Bali surrounded by 10 Indonesian warships to secure the IMF World Bank event

Bali surrounded by 10 Indonesian warships to secure the IMF World Bank event

During the implementation of the IMF-World Bank activities from 8-14 October 2018, there are 10 Indonesian Republic Warships (KRI) that secure the territorial waters of Bali from various sides as long as the IMF-World Bank activities take place from 8-14 October 2018 specifically for marine security. 

in cooperating with maritime agencies in Bali,  Polsek, Pol Air, Basarnas, Pelindo, PLP, and Immigration.

The Indonesian Navy  has prepared 10 warships in the context of implementing safeguarding throughout Bali waters .

Layouts for KRI elements are on the north, west, east and south sides.

During the activities all of Bali has been surrounded by elements of the Republic of Indonesia warship. For the situation of the waters in Bali, the information from colleagues who are at sea is now safe,"





The KRI that has been deployed is the type of corvette ship (KRI Raden Martadinata), KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai, KRI Banda Aceh, KRI Terampang, KRI Rupat Island and others.

With the number of TNL AL personnel approximately 2 thousand, then from the Stakholder elements related to around 800 personnel.

"There are ten more or less. The specifications of each are from warships such as this type of combat, a combat ship that can anticipate air strikes, under water, and can carry thousands of passengers," 

On the sea road, it collaborates with other military institutions  and other special forces  along the sea to give the best protections for  the head of state and delegation across the sea highway

Starting on H-2 10 KRI has been relying on Bali waters and maintaining security and comfort during the IMF-World Bank activities.

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