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Bali back to the new normal from June 1 2020

Bali back to the new normal from June 1 2020

Bali back to normal planned by the Provincial Government from Monday June 1 st 2020 now the community starting  to get bored of the restrictions imposed to curb the Coronavirus. The Secretary and the Daily Chair of the Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force Mr Dewa Made Indra has made the announcement during a press conference on Friday (22/05/2020). He invited the public to start their normal outside activities and to increase productivity what has no  negative effect on the spread of Covid-19. However, he advised that the public remain disciplined and respecting the implemented health protocols. The New normal is said to be the era after the Covid-19 pandemic is completely terminated . The new term " new normal " has been  emerged in Indonesia after President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stressed that people must be able to compromise  and make peace with Covid-19 in order to remain productive. The government will arrange for people's lives to return to normal but by implementing a healthy lifestyle until  the Corona virus vaccine has been found. Dewa Indra Center said, Bali as one of the areas that did not installed large-scale social restrictions to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus . This situation was carried out because of a desire from the central government so that Bali could quickly normalize amid the Covid-19 pandemic . However, Dewa Indra has highlighted that  in order to go to into the  "  new normal " situation, it must be done carefully. Especially now the local transmissions  continues to spread in recent days.  The  central government has already prepared  a schedule  to the " new normal "  life which is planned to be operational from Monday  June 1 st 2020, The " new normal " policy has been created in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and could  be revised  at anytime  according the development  of Covid-19  virus outbreak. Regarding when the " new normal "  policy still needs to be  completed, but the Bali Provincial Government also gave a sign that it would implement a " new normal  " policy by opening access to Indonesian and foreign citizens through Denpasar Airport and there will be a very strict selection of those who will be able to enter Bali as anyone could become Covid-19 carriers . We are confident that Bali will recover soon, but we also have to agree to conduct a strict selection of people entering Bali said Dewa Made Indra.

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